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    Harken Contract Cutting & Sewing specializes in high-quality industrial products. With production capacity ranging from one-off prototypes to consecutive large runs, we have the equipment and the people to take your product from concept to production.

    We have extensive experience with technical fabrics and textiles. Our capabilities include CAD-based cutting, die cutting, electric hand cutting, sewing, grommet and fastener installation, product assembly, pattern digitizing, material sourcing, and shipping. Beyond this, we are backed by the full resources of an international manufacturing company and can assist with issues such as engineering and design.

    Service and Communication
    Service and communication are key to our design and production processes. Through phone, email, and walk-in or on-site visits, we dedicate ourselves to making sure you are satisfied with the end product. We have 25 years of experience and make everything in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, so we can immediately respond to any challenges that arise.

    With a background in technical fabrics and heavy textiles, our expertise and cutting capabilities extend to a vast range of materials. We have experience with everything from Kevlar and carbon fiber to heavy vinyl, leather, and foam. We can source materials or you can provide your own.

    Fasteners: buckles, snaps, hook and loop, twist-lock, cord lock, ties
    Straps: webbing, elastic

    Technical/Sailcloth: Aramids (Kevlar®, Technora®, Twaron®), UHMWPES (Spectra®, Dyneema®), Liquid Crystal Polymers (Vectran™)
    Outdoor Canvas: Aqualon®, Sunbrella®, SofTouch, Top-Gun, padded polyester, vinyl-coated polyester, cotton canvas
    Vinyl: 40-gauge window PVC, waterproof vinyl-backed fabrics
    Polyester: waterproofed vinyl-backed, padded
    Foam: cushions and padding
    Nylon: 4-ounce to ballistic (18+ oz)

    Don't see it here? Call us at 262-691-3320.

    Lectra Vector TT FX Vacuum Cutting Table: The conveyor-fed Vector FX stack-cuts up to 2.5 cm and runs on optimizing software to minimize material waste. It uses reciprocating and drag knives and is dust-protected for dry carbon fibers.

    Die Cutter: Stack-cuts most textile dies up to 36"x17".

    Heavy-Duty Industrial Sewing Machines: A range of machines handle most industrial stitch types, including locking (straight), double-straight, zigzag, and overlocking (surging/overcast) with chain stitches.

    Pneumatic Grommeting Machine A highly efficient grommeting machine for a variety of material thicknesses.                          

    Electric Hand Cutting Tools: Rotary and up/down hand cutting tools assist with smaller runs without digitized patterns.

    Lead times depend on volume, complexity, and material sourcing. We can usually accommodate rush projects, but request planned orders be placed as early as possible.

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    • Curtain Doors
    • Screens
    • Bug Blocking Doors
    • Barriers
    • Security & Privacy Screens
    • Partitions


    • Cable Covers
    • Cushions
    • Straps
    • Belts
    • Bags




    • Manual Bags
    • Plastic Envelopes
    • Covers

    US MIlitary

    • Wraps
    • Bags

    Please contact us for more information or to request a quote:

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    Fax: 262.701.5780 
    Email: canvas@harken.com

    Fall/winter walk-in hours: 7:30 to 4:00 Monday through Friday CST

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