Our Equipment


Lectra Vector TT FX Vacuum Cutting Table:  The Vector is a conveyor-fed vacuum cutting table that combines the speed and accuracy of computerized cutting with continuous material feed. It's used for canvas and upholstery cutting, fabric swatch books, tactical gear uniforms, bosun chairs, boat covers and more. The machine operates efficiently and produces projects using precision and accuracy.

The Vector is also used for mass-production fabric cutting. It cuts materials of any length, in piles of compressed fabric up to 1" thick and 70" wide, optimizing efficiency for customers who need high-volume production at the right price.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Sewing Machines: A range of machines handle most industrial stitch types, including locking (straight), double-straight, zigzag, and overlocking (surging/overcast) with chain stitches.

Pneumatic Grommet Machine: A highly-efficient grommet machine is used for a variety of material thicknesses and offers safe, efficient grommet installation.

Electric Hand-Operated Cutting Tools: Rotary and up/down hand-operated cutting tools assist with smaller runs without digitized patterns.

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